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Dumped dating

Both here on and I’ve actually experienced it in my own life too. How were you treated when your ex said it was over, or at the time you ended it? (PS: It’s called a “Second Chance” not a chance.)Sometimes they’re coming back because they can’t bear the thought of you moving on with your life without them. They realise they care about you, or love and want to be with you.

To be honest, I’ve been very guilty of this one myself.

I had one “off and on relationship” that lasted a year and it took a further two to fully extricate myself from.

That’s probably why my aforementioned friend, said that it’s easier sometimes to just start over with someone new – without all the history, baggage and issues.

Please remember some other person does not complete you. It’s OK to tell them you’re still healing and that if and when you want to be in touch again, you’ll reach out. Sometimes they’re jealous of the new life you’re carving out for yourself – with them. Ask the tough questions – even the ones you probably won’t like the answers of. Tell me about your experience of an EX reaching out to you – and what sort of result it had.

Nothing has actually changed, the issues are there, the healing and self work hasn’t been done…They got weak, they missed each other, they missed the SEX, so they blow past the all too familiar “warning signs”, led by chemistry and emotion, and jump back in – only to realise a bit further on down the road – nothing’s changed.

What caused them to split up in the first place, was still an issue!

Then it stopped for a few years only to start up again.

In reality it was more about loneliness, horniness or even boredom – rather than either of us wanting to actually BE together.

Well, sometimes there is and sometimes there’s not. It is not always easy to tell if an ex’s motives for coming back to us is genuine or just ego-related.

Is it really ) starting over with someone new than someone you have a history with.

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