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Dunedin dating nz

Leon Wratt, Group Content Director - Music, Mediaworks Radio said: “It’s great to see such a fantastic performance across our radio brands this year and in the commercially important 25-54 demographic we are thrilled to be finishing the year on 56.4% share, 24.1 percentage points ahead of our competition2.

“Today's announcements are a taste of exciting things to come in 2018.

At Three we provide the broadest canvas of content of all the networks, and bringing Dancing with the Stars back with Dai Henwood and Sharyn Casey hosting plays a huge part in doing that next year,” said Chief Content Officer Andrew Szusterman.

Beyond the major events, highlights include Rodney Hide's use of perks, the "Teapot Tapes," the Judith Collins Oravida controversy, Labour's leadership changes, showing footage of rescue workers inside Pike River Mine for the first time.

And of course, hosting Three’s live Newshub Leader’s Debate this year.

The new season also features an episode inspired by 13 Reasons Why, and a highly anticipated episode that will tackle the Harvey Weinstein scandal that rocked the world in 2017.

The Graham Norton Show - Hot on the heels of the UK, Graham Norton presents a show focusing on the people, trends, stories and aspects of celebrity culture that interest him most, featuring big celebrity names and plenty of laughs.

DANCING WITH THE STARS We’re excited to announce the return of Dancing with the Stars to Three in 2018, with hosts Dai Henwood and Sharyn Casey.