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Elske gardening harden van dating

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Having decided that we were to be the “inspiration” behind the makeover, the programme makers were confronted with a key question: what on earth was there about Veddw that might inspire anyone?

This problem was compounded by the fact that the garden due to be made-over was a small town plot. The producer took this on board with great verve and imagination, but was badly beaten down by our scepticism and the changing demands of her colleagues.

Do the owners of the other, yet-to-be-made-over garden, fancy that? Since it was early spring, we went out and examined our unsensual, wet garden. “PS Do you have curved paths, as I don’t remember seeing them? We tried hard – what about thyme, in place of lavender?

This is where a little gentle manipulation came in. It was neither the season nor the weather for scent, so the other sensual activity which was suggested was stroking. ” The wonderful deep moss, which smothers our stone walls and random rocks, nurtured by the incessant rain, passed muster as sufficiently sensuous. A bit on the small side, came the slightly sniffy response.

Our unusually named garden, Veddw, was simply a manageable distance from the garden selected for a makeover.

Which fitted in well with Alan Titchmarsh, whose every minute is valuable, and therefore mustn’t be spent in travelling any farther than is absolutely necessary.

” Answer: Full of sensual curves which create a light and dark sensory experience. ” came the plaintive reply, along with further questions: “Leaf texture – when you say the hostas will be half-out, could a camera make it look as if there are a lot out in a small section? When, later, Alan Titchmarsh picked up a pot of rosemary from where I had placed it and plonked it unbecomingly in a chimney pot, I sighed and reassured myself that no one would notice, or think I could possibly have been responsible. The next – and, fortunately, the final – aspect we were to inspire was “outdoor eating”.

As for sound, well, there are the water features, and the rustling beech leaves (although there won’t be any, at this time of year). The generous line of Stipa pennata looked superb, though — everyone would credit me with that wonderful touch, wouldn’t they?

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