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It's nice to have a bit of lightness amid all the heroics and love triangles.

Everyone has secrets and shadows locked away in the corner of their minds, hoping no one will ever discover them. What happens when the key is put in the keyhole and door to all your secrets is opened for everyone to see?

You all believe that a secret is safe if it stays between two people.

There’s only so long you can keep lucious curls like that covered.

True to Graham's novels, this show does all the clichés with conviction and mercifully, is very well acted, particularly by the central cast.

, Season 2, Episode 5 — an episode I’d like to call “Flirting Over A Corpse.” Why? Of course, the real corpse in question is Francis Poldark. Since the first episode, Francis has been a fussy punching bag for the writing staff.

Because there were a lot of people flirting literally and figuratively over corpses. Rosalina, whom I will henceforth call Limpy Mc Gee, even tried to bag Dr. He always makes the wrong choice, never matches up to Ross, and leaves a widow already working the moves on not one, but two long-time admirers.

Though Elizabeth's cousin upped the ante this week when she said she would snog Drake if GC (Harry Marcus) wasn’t there.