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However all of our slings can instead be equipped with an optional 'standard' Quick Cuff.

Tactical Considerations: The Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling is made by active duty law enforcement professionals.

A trained shooter can switch from standing to a seated or a prone slung shooting position in less than ten seconds. The Male Fastex buckle should face away from the stock and pointed toward the buttstock. The Velcro cover can be used to secure the buckle when wearing a pack or similar items.

Many shooters will tack sew the cuff to their shooting coat or ghillie suit.

For more information on the hardware used in the construction of our products please select this link.

Online Owners Manual: The Tactical Intervention Quick Cuff Sling is shipped with a descriptive set of instructions.

The last thing that you want in the field is an item that might break.

From the Nylon, Velcro, and hardware we choose we buy the best in order to make a truly world-class sling.

It will meet both tactical and precision sport shooter's needs. The Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling is light, strong and very adjustable.