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And as for my personal page, it was set up in a resume format, very creatively.

This project required me to do a lot of brainstorming, researching, and being creative. I had to think of a unique way to create a website for students about the course, NETS –T standard 1.

I was able to research the required course materials and class rules on the Internet.

After completion of the map, I had to make a presentation incorporating the concept map created with the Inspiration software.

This assignment was engaging and fun and it equipped me with another presentational tool I can use to engage the class I plan to teach.

I will integrate this assignment into my future teaching for the reasons I was first intimidated about this assignment.

I believe if students begin early in life describing their strengths then it will come natural introducing themselves.

The formatting was the same as in MS Word but I encountered a problem changing the hyperlink color from the default color.