Start Fear of rejection in dating

Fear of rejection in dating

Being the target of emotional, psychological or physical abuse is traumatizing. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), 48 percent of women have experienced psychological abuse; 40 percent have experienced emotional manipulation and control, and 19 percent have been physically threatened or harmed.

In a strange way rejection during the dating process can help your relationships in the future.

Knowing you can handle it and building your resilience can mean that when you do meet that special someone you’re stronger and more confident than you might have been otherwise.

Most important, don’t allow anyone else to define happiness for you.

Don’t let anyone else tell you how your life “should be.”It’s your life; pursue your own version of happiness.

The chances are that if you’ve been communicating online, or only had a couple of dates, they simply didn’t find what they were looking for. Each of us has a unique blueprint for what defines our ideal partner.

It’s formed by our past experiences, our future expectations, biological factors and personal preferences.

Of the two, fearing lack of commitment from a partner is by far the more ubiquitous.