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Seeing girls approaching guys would also very slowly start a shift in paradigm, and maybe approaching girls would be viewed less as creepy.

Game for men can help them date up, but game for women almost certainly means not much more than a higher notch count. The best advice for women still can be attributed to Roissy: "Lower your standards and learn to settle." If this woman, Alexandra, approached me, I know and have seen too much to say yes.

I asked her if she ever feels like she’s harassing men? “I provide a training course which uses social skills development combined with a progressive female empowered philosophy on love.

In that sense you could call me both a PUA and a feminist and I'm happy to accept both titles.” She copy and pasted men's game for women, as if they have the same nature.

I think there is a sort of game that fat girls develop, they do occasionally approach and try to demonstrate their redeeming qualities through conversation.

I find that if you give them the time of day it flags more of them to come after you, then suddenly you are the whale shepherd of the group and the pretty ones have marked you as unattractive due to be surrounded by fat girls.

An event on Friday and Saturday nights where women go out to bars, galleries, and coffee shops with the intention to begin conversations with men who are going about their non-courting business. I spoke to two of the women taking the classes about what they were looking for.

Alexandra van Vianen, , said she’s taking the classes to improve her dating skills and to gain support, particularly amongst other women.

In my entire life I can only think of one occasion when an unknown woman approached me out of the blue during the day, completely sober, in an obviously flirtatious manner.