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Free adult chat master and pet

Adam discovers a computer program that allows him to become a virtual god to the people around him, allowing him the power to bend their reality to his specifications.

The question is, can anyone save the two pretty girls from servitude in the hands of these college geniuses?

The Great Abduction took approximately 30 minutes, 121 million males, every man in England, gone. Its 2045 and The Earth Defense Force is recruiting...only specially selected candidates will do.

And a few other tweaks that Sarah would prefer in her girlfriend. Stan the delivery guy has a new charm and it’s not in his personality, it’s a new piece of jewellery he found while delivering a package to an antique shop.

And Stan knows just how he will use this new lucky charm.

Gerald is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who enslaves and sells women for a living.

Melinda kidnaps Gerald to exact revenge for enslaving her friend Sarah.

A nerdy looking guy takes control of her mind,only to turn her into a sex-toy for him and his friends.

Soon, Lara’s best friend shares her faith as both girls are forced into countless acts of sex and humiliation, including going down on each other.

The colleague, Scarlett, is a very attractive transexual who has plans to apply her skills in hypnosis for sexual conquest.

Before they realize what is happening, the couple are both turned into Scarlett’s submissive sex slaves.

After ignoring his wife Melissa’s pleas to stop fooling around on the job, he finds himself part of an unusual fertility treatment plan.