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Free adult nudist chatroom

Gerald is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who enslaves and sells women for a living.

Ryan’s math class is dreadfully boring, so she asks her hypnotist to send her bimbofication triggers by text message.

Adam discovers a computer program that allows him to become a virtual god to the people around him, allowing him the power to bend their reality to his specifications.

This is the original Master PC tale that created a Universe!

However, for one clown it will turn out to be a wonderful time to reconnect with an old friend and to show the other performers a side of herself she had never shown before.

Lara’s entire world turns around one afternoon when she’s peacefully studying in the library.

The fusion of leather and hypno are realized when a muscular slave-bot is used to lure a would-be weekend guest into a seductive series of reconditioning scenarios that recalibrate his priorities to serve those of Hypno Master Dante.

Matthew is a 23-year old—straight—construction worker who can’t keep his dick in his pants on the job.

Because if she’s going to be space out during math class, why bother having all her brain?