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and we love the good-hearted competition with our buddies at Connor’s Runners (I wonder if I will be so generous if the runners ever beat the swimmers! We ended up spending a lot more money than I expected, but as I’ve said LOST is a non-profit, so we had some money saved up for just such an occasion, so we are okay on that. But we had enough help when we needed it, so that worked out fine too. Going back to an earlier post/rant I put up earlier this summer, I think volunteering is really important. But there must be some reason that so many people, from so far away (St Catherines, Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, Richmond Hill, London, Guelph, Ottawa… To that end, next summer we’ll start a new tradition. be thankful I only wore the Go Pro for the Polar Bear Dip… I wanted to see some of the large sea turtles that everyone claimed were around, as I was really looking forward to that… But I did meet a ton of people during the swim and then after when we all went to the local “fish fry” and street festival for dinner. This year will go down as “the rainy year”, just like when we had “the cold year” for the LOST Race! Although it was nice to go into the water to warm up a couple of times. As a great representative race for the Global Swim Series, there were people from all over the world!

This recently Joanne and I travelled down to Barbados for the Barbados Open Water Festival.

If you’re someone that’s on the fence about doing a destination race for open water swimming, it might be time to take the plunge and sign up for one of the amazing tropical races on the Global Swim Series calendar.

We may not all be Al Wiggins, but just finishing it is pretty impressive… The LOSTie owner of “Bean There” Cafe, where we end up after every swim (and run, for that matter). here’s basically what I said: “There is no really good answer. Although there may be some, I don’t think any one of us does it to give us a better complexion. On January 2 at am, a group of about 38 of us (many of the same crowd! That was the headline goal, but lots of people modified it, either by adjusting the pace time (there were lanes for , , , , etc), or the number of 100’s (lots of people did different numbers, 50, 65 & 80 were common jumping off points! And on the inclusive note, although this is a LOST initiative, we’ve made it open to anybody, which was kind of cool… which is when I saw her leg step across in front of me! They are shallow enough that you can swim right down to them. I had never met these guys before, but because I was a friend of Madhu’s, they treated me like family.

He also just qualified for his 3rd Ironman World Championships a month ago! And there is obviously some health risks to cold water swimming too. ) made the trek out to the new Pan Am Pool in Scarborough… For the uninitiated that is: 100 meters, 100 times, on 100 seconds () pace time. We also ended up getting right up close to several sea turtles! One guy, Joe Butler, took me under his wing and helped me through their annual Anita Rock swim. ” He emails me back a few minutes later with a cc to his friends, Ned and Andy.

And thanks for providing us with lots of fodder for jokes at the King’s Arms after! And I don’t mean to say that everyone needs to volunteer tons of hours to help run the club (like Mauro, Darren, Mike, etc) or donate money (but that helps too! Even if it is just bringing stuff out of the shed or putting it back, or throwing stuff in the garbage, or rolling out the mat, or helping people in or out of the water. Because if we have 100 people down there helping out, then it all runs really smoothly. I don’t want people to just sign up and go for a swim. and on the other I want to get everyone who helped, even in a small way, to build the LOST Swim Shack, to sign their name! And we still had a dozen or so LOSTies out, but down from the 72 LOSTies the weekend before. I heard that in one of the races, I think the 5k, 80% were international swimmers! From Olympian and former World Record holder, Alex Meyer and plenty of other fast swimmers, to LOSTie that many of you know, Cam and his girlfriend, Annabel.

So Mauro crunched some stats that you will likely find interesting: Over the past 4 years: See results for all 4 years! And I, and all the other LOSTies, really appreciate it when you help out. When people help out, it takes them from just participants to some degree of ownership. I’m always saying that I’m amazed that there are so many people that come out and swim with us. as well as South Africa, England, Ireland, Italy, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Boston, Virginia, Florida, etc) come and swim with us. We are a fun, welcoming and inclusive group that likes to swim. On the inside of the 2 doors we’ll get swimmers who swim with us from outside of Ontario to sign their name… Usually after mid-August it stays over 70F, but as we all know, it rolled at the LOST Race (48F/9C!!! Last Saturday it was a pleasant 60F/15C, which was totally fine, but still cold for this time of year. So the long and short of it is that we all got a huge workout, had a lot of fun doing it, met a few new people… I believe I heard from as far away as Australia and 14 other countries.

Very little prep, a couple of volunteer timers, a few quick beers and burps and we’re off to the pub to celebrate! And of course, everyone has their own little twist they’d like to see: a relay, a “shot” replacements, the swimming beer mile, etc. And I’m happy to participate if someone wants to organize one of those other derivatives of the Beer Mile, but in the meantime I’ll stay old school on this and stick to the official rules (there are official rules, btw! So a big tip o’ the hat to all those that completed it! In fact, that reminds me of our favorite coffee man, Brett Titus. Which is why it was so funny talking to him before the race. but regardless of what the specific topic was, there always seemed to be a common thread and common question: Why? So I had to come up with some type of coherent and snappy little answer for live radio as to why someone would do something so uncomfortable/stupid/crazy/fun… I knew it was going to be close so I didn’t even turn to see where she was and I didn’t let up until I was a step away from the finish line timing mat… So after all the racing we all decided to go out for a fun swim in the sunken ships they have in the harbour. Two years ago, I was going to San Francisco for a conference and Madhu hooked me up with some guys at the South End Rowing Club.

I think there are probably more DNS (did not start) than DNF (did not finish)! Thanks to John Stribany for the LOST glasses and cash donations for the upcoming LOST plaque too). But that’s not the real reason why I like people to help out… Here are a few of the names that I can think of that get to sign the door next summer, but feel free to remind me if I forgot you: Last Saturday seemed like as good of a point as any to wrap up the season. But I have to admit, this has been kind of a weird summer. So, as Neil Young puts it: “Comes a Time”…to pulled the plug. and a few that just wanted to come out for a swim (Jill, Stuart, Al’s mom & daughter & friend, Bud’s son Eric, Michael, Martin)… Cam completed his first 10k and getting in 30 seconds ahead of the 4 hour cut off time! On the final day of our trip we went for another swim.

Cheers, Rob So I just wanted to post this final version of the LOST Swim Shack. Honourable mention for names go to: Swim Shed, LOST Lodge, Swim House, the Office, HQ and LOST House. They aren’t timed and aren’t races, just a chance to have a nice leisurely swim in warm (hot?! As we found out having breakfast at our hotel one morning! She said this was the most rain they had gotten all year and the coldest day! 3×1 mile loops and 6×1 mile loops of the same course.

But from more of a philosophical point of view, I’d say because in the modern structured environment we live in, it is still nice to be a bit of a rebel… As we all get a bit older, it is still fun once in a while to show that we can still be a bit of the “young and crazy” people we used to be… Thanks Brett for opening the shop up for the “young and crazy” bunch of LOSTies! While we didn’t take part this year, our good friends at the “Freestyle Experience” hosted their swim camp in conjunction with the festival the week prior and by all accounts it was a huge hit, if a little bit challenging! So there is my first hand experience of what the Barbados Open Water Festival was like. After the swim, we were all going into the club sauna to warm up, and I noticed guys were picking up beer as they passed by the cooler. “We’ll be in the sauna a while.” Joe and I were scheduled to swim Alcatraz later that day, but stuff happened, and we did not get the chance. I’ll be in San Francisco for work, so I email my old friend, Joe. In his email, he says he will be out of town but that I am long overdue to swim Alcatraz.

Upon getting to Barbados, we took part in one of the four “guided swims” that take place on the four days prior to the main event. As a race director myself, I know that no matter where you are hosting a race, bad weather is always a major concern.