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In countryside, ponies, donkeys, cows, goats, sheep, sometimes chicken, turkeys and other animals are used.

Both men and women equally are drawn to sexual encounters with animals – zoophilia.

The only difference between the genders is that a man can have a lot of single encounters with various sex objects, but a woman, as a rule, has a longer relationship with one “lover”.

The house looked super lavish and Edyn could really use a nice bath and a glass of wine.

Brad went to raid the liquor cabinet as Edyn proceeded to the bathtub.

In 50-ties, Kinsey was conducting a research of the subject, quizzing 6000 women, and received a positive answer only in 3 cases.

These quizzes, however, do not represent the real picture of popularity of zoophilia in society, because a lot of women are simply shy to admit that they are practicing zoophilia to an unknown person.

A sexual contact with a stallion can be dangerous for a woman, because in the heat of the passion, it could mutilate the woman. They can get the orgasm from both fantasies and riding the horse with their legs spread, however, a contact like this can be barely labeled as zoophilia.