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The altered site was taken down within an hour but had not been restored as of 11 a.m. The names collected for the 2001 mission will fly to MARS on the 2003 Mission.

But two new rock musicals may be coming to our shores next season, in not one but two London productions based on '80s musicians.

One is the extraordinarily flashy Queen musical, "We Will Rock You," and the other is the far more modest, but also more creative, Boy George musical, "Taboo." Perhaps inspired by the wild international success of the ABBA musical "Mamma Mia!

Shakespeare's text has been adapted by Black and director David Freeman.

By Clive Barnes A truly unique rock musical is a rare thing.

It originated in Paris in January 2001, and was seen by over a million people.

The London version, which previews from mid-October, has music by Don Black and Gerard Presgurvic.

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It is scheduled for Saturday, September 21 at AM Eastern Standard time.

Freas drifted into the work at a time when there were only four or five artists in the field.

"I've been in science fiction as long as I've been alive," he says. You have to be a little bit wild in order to step completely outside of your world and visualise another one." A party for Freas's 80th birthday this weekend will no doubt be an out-of-this-world affair because everyone at Worldcon seems to be invited.

Among the plethora of authors here are Vernor Vinge, New York Times bestseller David Brin and Diana L Paxson - who also bills herself as a consecrated priestess and a leader in the international pagan movement. One, Phil Foglio, has noticed a resurgence in interest following the 11 September attacks.