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However, as many of the children have not been in full-time education for years, part of the task has been helping them to understand exam etiquette; things such as not talking, or putting your hand up to ask questions during the exam.

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"Knowing that when they arrive in Germany, for example, they wont be given a chance to get a high school degree, we wanted to find a way to give them some form of accreditation," says Martinez.

hilst many other aid projects are short-term and gap-filling in nature, the Habibi Centre is a long-term endeavour with a big vision.

This style even includes labelled interior compartments such as ' My phone' to keep everything organised so no more rummaging around!

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The classes are tiered by ability and there are usually three sets who attend, which means that Martinez teaches for around 6 hours a day; although she sometimes teaches for 8 hours without a break if she takes on an adult class in the evening.