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Despite decades of rapid growth and new development in the city, the tallest buildings are still low-rise at no more than five to six stories tall.

Interstate 15 runs nearly through the center, severing many surface streets of the grid. George Boulevard and Bluff Street, are the main downtown arteries and interchanges, and also make up the Interstate 15 central business loop.

The older part of downtown has a well defined grid of broad, tree-lined avenues, with the center point of the grid at Tabernacle and Main Street in the heart of the historic district.

The city is 118 miles northeast of Las Vegas and 300 miles south-southwest of Salt Lake City on Interstate 15. Smith, a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Apostle. This trend continued through 2010, when growth slowed substantially due to the economic recession. George was declared the fifth fastest-growing metropolitan area in the United States in 2015.

Prior to the arrival of the first European settlers, the St.

All streets parallel to Tabernacle run east-west and streets parallel to Main run north-south.

The campus of Dixie State University lies several blocks east of the historic district along University Avenue.

Fearing that the war would take away the cotton supply, he began plans for raising enough in this southwestern country to supply the needs of his people.

Enough favorable reports had come to him from this warm region below the rim of the Great Basin, that he was convinced cotton could be raised successfully here.

The Beaver Dam Mountains, commonly referred to as Utah Hill, lie to the west, the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and Pine Valley Mountains to the north, the western edge of the Colorado Plateau and Zion National Park to the east, and the Arizona Strip to the south.

The Virgin and Santa Clara rivers flow through the valley and converge near the western base of Webb Hill.

More important to the economy was tourism, which developed as the railroads began to carry visitors to the nearby Zion National Park.