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That's not a whole lot of VR porn content to watch right now, but as more users become more interested in VR porn, Naughty America will ramp up production accordingly to meet demand.

I'm an advocate for all new technologies that push video mediums to the next level, and after trying out VR porn, I don't think anyone who experiences it will be able to go back to 2D porn.

If I turned my head too far to the left and right, and up and down, I could only see black.

At first I was bothered by this, but as I laid down in a hotel bedroom and the VR world inched closer to my eyes, the black borders disappeared.

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You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?

I've tried a lot of different virtual reality experiences. Would I merely be a spectator in a room watching people get freaky? I got my answer as soon as I slipped on a Samsung Gear VR headset and hit play on a VR porn video. The more the porn girls jiggled their breasts in my face and rubbed their butts against me, the more I internalized being the VR porn guy.