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Kerry found herself fascinated by Lauren’s kinkiness, lost in wonder at the possibility that a woman would endure this torture willingly for any amount of money.

Kerry was nearly always exhausted, though she could not deny that she derived sexual satisfaction from her new lifestyle.

Painful steel-toothed clamps hung from their sore nipples and labia and their breasts, bottoms and cunts were red from flogging.

They had endured twelve hours of hard fucking and their torn, tattered dresses clung to the skinny young girls’ shivering, sweat-soaked frames purely by virtue of their moist skin and the stale, sticky cum plastered all over their bodies.

She experienced arousal and orgasms with a frequency that could easily be described as above average, though never a rival to her slutty little sister.

Kerry heaved another sigh, this time in frustration as Lindley began to moan and quiver once more.

Semen streaked their hair and coated their chins and necks with a glistening white sheen.

Lindley had screamed in agony while her abusers directed their ejaculate toward her face and eyes, which burned and stung so severely that she nearly cut her skin struggling against her restraints.

Kerry recalled that the woman’s name was Katie and assumed she was in her late thirties.