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This time out, Paul’s special guests are The Work Juice Players aka Craig Cackowski, Mark Gagliardi, Marc Evan Jackson, Hal Lublin, Annie Savage, and Little Janet Varney... Tompkins welcomes sweater weather loving listeners back to Spontaneanation!

Barrels can be "regulated" slightly (12" or so) by adding subtracting weight from the stock and by using different slugs in each barrel. The pump is definately easier with higher probability of success. Since I read that article in the late '70's, I have wondered why no one had introduced such a weapon.

I took it for $350.00I have used rifled slugs 3" & 2 3/4" lengths, with improved cylinder choke tubes in both barrels with good results. I have killed 3 deer and one black bear with this shotgun.

( NO PROBLEM AT ALL )Practice enough and you will get good with a side x side with slugs.

Before I cut one down I'd make sure the barrels would take choke tubes... BH I have tried to shoot slugs in some of my Sx S shotguns. So far the best advice on this forum is to install chokes and use it for a short range bunny gun.