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Here follows a summary of the biggest stories of the year.

With the new year starting, the Dutch government is implementing a number of new laws and changing some existing ones.

Amsterdam counted a total of 255 incidents involving fireworks, vandalism, arson or abuse during the previous turning of the year.

That amounts to 3 incidents per 10,000 inhabitants, compared to 3.6 during the 2015-2016 New Year's celebrations, Het Parool reports based on figures Local Focus got from the police.

An apparent homemade explosive was discovered under a woman’s car in Valkenswaard on Friday, police said.

The bomb, made of several Cobra 6 heavy fireworks and an unknown liquid, was found by the car’s owner, Omroep Brabant stated.

The police responded to Craianstraat in Maastricht around a.m. At the scene responding officers saw a car speeding away and gave chase.