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Island Holiday Guide For The Entire Family When planning your holiday adventures, you will not want to miss out on what Galveston Island has in store in 2017.

Planning a “family” vacation can be a real “wake-up” call.

The loose fitting left much of her chest open, especially her cleavage.

Cruise Fashionista Well, Lorraine’s friend “the Fashionista” is at it again.

Lorraine’s sister-in-law REFUSES to cruise…considers cruise ships to be “nothing more than great big hotels on the water” – she is SO wrong - cruise ships are actually more like “small towns” on the water Galveston Restaurants Offering Thanksgiving Feasts Want to avoid the mess and chaos of preparing your own Thanksgiving feast?

Soar Down Giant Ruins Ice Slide, Discover Butterflies, Bats Inside Ice Land Grab a parka and prepare to soar through the rainforests of the world on a 36-foot Giant Ruins Ice Slide starting Nov.

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