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The network monitored troop movements, located gun batteries and munitions depots, and helped Allied soldiers escape to Holland, then a neutral country.

Based in Belgium, Louise passed on the documents she received to British Intelligence.

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At the top of Boulevard Carnot, on the road to Roubaix and Tourcoing, a humble soldier respectfully kisses the hand of the woman who ran probably the largest spy network of the Great War: Louise de Bettignies.

In February 1915 she enrolled in the British Secret Intelligence Service under the pseudonym Alice Dubois and was soon joined by a woman from Roubaix called Marie-Léonie Vanhoutte, alias Charlotte Lameron.

The Alice Network was born and enlisted over eighty agents in the region of Lille, an important logistics hub for the German Army, before extending its operations to Cambrai, Valenciennes and Saint-Quentin.

Deported to Cologne, Louise continued to show spirit and determination while in prison, encouraging dissent and protest among the prisoners; however she died on 27 September 1918 after a bout of pneumonia which her jailers refused to treat.

Lille's Queen of Spies was brought back to France and laid to rest in the family vault in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux; while the wooden cross which marked her temporary grave in Cologne was taken to the church on Lorette Spur and can be seen there today.

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