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Good ideas for dating headlines

(He’s clearly not against nepotism; he’s hired his wife, Beyoncé, to headline twice.) With his strongest album in years out this summer, the sixth annual Made in America affirms his stature as the world’s most respected dad rapper and an industry mover and shaker who continues to endure long after his contemporaries have passed their sell-by dates.

They had sashimi candy and spider rolls alongside California and Philly rolls, which were both popular items on Tuesday.

She takes most of her photos on a Canon Rebel T5, and on Tuesday she stood among images large and small featuring everything from sunsets and Seattle’s waterfront to the Space Needle and close-ups of flowers.

Last week she traveled to Oregon to see the solar eclipse, and she had dramatic photos to prove it.

His spray paint and stencil designs featured, among other things, panda bears (his favorite), the Space Needle, an octopus and more.