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Granny chat uk only no joining sites

It explains why Turnbull supporter and Liberal frontbencher Arthur Sinodinos has yet to be referred to the High Court.

The also found eight occasions when official business took her to the same city her beloved Eagles were playing away games. Nor when Labor frontbencher Tony Burke was forced to declare two undisclosed separate stays worth thousands of dollars at Eddie Obeid’s luxury Perisher ski lodge in 2004 to 2006.

Or when Burke took his family on a taxpayer-funded business class trip to Uluru during the 2012 school holidays, or used a family reunion entitlement to take four family members from Ballina back to Sydney during the 2010 school holidays. When Labor senator Sam Dastyari allowed a Chinese government-linked company to pay off a $1600 travel debt, give him two bottles of Grange worth $1400 (disclosed as “two bottles of wine”) and meet a $40,000 legal bill, the obvious conflict finally became too much for him to remain on the frontbench and then in the Senate. No wonder Donald Trump’s “drain the swamp” resonates so strongly with the electorate.

Australia shares more than fiery rhetoric with North Korea.

We are neck and neck on global rankings for military capability.

Did they seem shifty in their ill-fitting self-righteous clothing as they took to the moral high ground?

Did they give a second’s thought to an independent investigation into parliamentary practices that fell well “below community standards and expectations”? The sins of the financial ser­vices industry are one thing but, unlike their political masters, business leaders are governed by many layers of regulation and civil processes that offer recourse through prosecution, individual claims and class actions for suspected or proven misconduct.

It’s the risk we run when our parliament consists of careerists whose real-world experience is limited to being a political staff member or a trade union official.