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Gretchen rossi who is she dating

So this isn't anything new Tamra just started to bring up. when Tamra started dating him and this rumor started to go around, did any of you go directly to Tamra and actually address it? She said, "Could you believe there's a rumor out there that he's gay? We only know Ricky because Tamra and Eddie introduced him to us. Why would this be something any of the girls would feel that they should bring up? Gunvalson: I didn't sign up for every piece of me to be exposed. She said, "Why is it ok that Tamra keeps ticketing you and talking about you and hurting you when she doesn’t want anybody to talk about her?

Kelly was kind of out of it that night because the girls didn't want her drinking. We knew we had to fly for another 14 hours so whatever right? But you're on a reality TV show and you're wife has been targeting me as a con woman and all these other things I'm not." Too Fab: Did you watch her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live? Too Fab: It almost said to me like she was saying "what if he was gay? Gunvalson: Well when you're married in a male female relationship and if you've had a past being with the same sex, I would think that would be a conversation you'd have with your wife. That you feel like, "We're open books" so if they're going on the show, then he should talk about it?

Gunvalson: This started in 2011 when Tamra was dating him. She's got to stop blaming me for something that has been already out there. Too Fab: So hypothetically, pretend Eddie had a past with men. I had a private conversation with Kelly in her bedroom. When I said that to Kelly, she said all of Cali has heard about that.

So if Eddie had a past of being with another man then that was his choice. So if you're married and you have a past that you don't want to talk about or that you don't want your wife's friends to talk about, then that means there's something more to it. Diego worked for Eddie's father's law firm when Eddie worked there. Invitations are already out but I'll send you one if you want to come. Ricky and Tamra used to be friends but it also validated me that I didn’t start this rumor. Gunvalson: No, the Producers had nothing to do with this.

There was a rumor that I didn't invite Ricky but I did. Too Fab: So you're saying to Tamra, to the viewers, to everyone, that you didn't orchestrate it, you didn't start the rumor... We were sitting at a table and we were talking like old times.

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