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Guys dating foriegn

There's potential for some great stories there, but I don't know if we'll get to do them. O: Did you have to deal with 4Kids, Tsuburaya Productions or Jade Dynasty during the development of the series? It can get a little complicated; remembering who has to approve what, and so on, but 4Kids is the primary license holder we're dealing with here. I like to keep Jade Dynasty involved because I have a lot of respect for their company and the artists they work with, and I want to make sure we do right by them. O: Are the comics direct translations or are you given the freedom to adapt dialog to US tastes?

After its brief run on FOX TV, TIGA is now getting the purist's treatment in the form of a subtitled DVD release.

One of the important supporting products for this new re-launch is the ULTRAMAN TIGA comic from Dark Horse Comics.

Theaters and festivals wishing to screen the film should contact the Los Angeles offices of Toho International for details.

While the poorly-received US Godzilla remake is now little more than a fading memory, Sony has continued working to bring Toho movies to North America.

Once an agreement for those two films was reached, the two companies began discussions regarding bringing Gx MG to America.

Unlike the recent deals for Gx M and GMK, the agreement for GODZILLA X MECHAGODZILLA only gives Sony control of home video and television distribution while Toho will make the movie available for theatrical bookings.

This will probably sound like blasphemy to some other Ultraman fans out there, but my favorite version was the animated movie THE ADVENTURES OF ULTRAMAN [FHE release of a movie based on ULTRAMAN JOE . But that's probably because that was the only Ultraman-related film I had on video, so I could watch over and over...which I did - endlessly. I just bought a copy of that movie from e Bay (my original was worn out long ago), and drove my wife crazy reciting the thing almost line by line. We're still on the fence about that -- our sales haven't been as strong as I'd hoped they'd be.