Start Harley davidsons online dating service

Harley davidsons online dating service

The bike fearured our RSR Fuel Injection System with four 50lb/hr injectors running in a stage mode.

Our typical customer has experience with turbos, knows what they do, does their own work and can handle the installation and tuning.

People who foist turbo installations off onto unsuspecting shops are only complicating the matter.

You cannot simply butt the turbo discharge up against the base to the intercooler as some firms do. The intercooler is rigidly mounted and the turbocharger and turbo plenum move with the rubber mounted engine.

Special flex bellows couplers (see below) connect the moving and stationary parts. To protect our Harley Turbo Intercoolers against corrosion and to dissipate heat we use special Ceramic Heat Dispersant Coatings which are applied after we fabricate and blast the parts.

We don't use small restrictive intercoolers or, even more stupidly, put the intercooler under the bike like one firm does.

Airflow in and out of the intercooler must be smooth so each of the 13 channels flows the same which is why the hats must be tapered. The intercooler mounts securely with billet clamps to the crash bar.

In short, if you are the right candidate, it will all work out...

If you are not, go the big motor route and stay away from high horsepower, streetable turbos. Doc Sweeney covered 4500 miles in the first week.."running fine". We use large 360 hp turbos that deliver enough air to outrun anything.

Air enters and exits at the larger part of the tapered end caps. The intercoolers are sized to drop the inlet charge temperature closer to ambient i.e.

After this the intercooler goes for ceramic coating. if the charge temperature pre-intercooler is 150F and the outside air temperature is 80F and the bike is moving at cruising speed and then under acceleration, at say 8 PSI, then the inlet temperature will be close to the ambient 80F.

You simply cannot make this kind of power "building" a motor.