Start Honda bf 100 dating

Honda bf 100 dating

In this way your machine will receive the full benefit of the Honda (UK) warranty.

Whether its strapped to the back of your tender, or powering your fishing boat out on the morning tide, you can rely on your new Honda.

In all conditions, whatever the weather for an amazingly wide range of jobs.

Honda’s VTEC variable valve timing and lift, for example, was born in cars, and it has proven to enhance performance in four-stroke outboards as well.

Introduced first by Honda Marine for its V-6 outboards, VTEC varies the lift and duration of the open intake valves to deliver optimal performance at both low and high rpm.

Boosted Low Speed Torque (which advances timing and enriches the fuel mixture during acceleration); Honda’s VTEC variable valve timing; trolling speed control that can be tweaked in 50-RPM increments; Lean Burn control; and a whopping-strong 44 amp alternator, to name a few.

Is the BF100 an all-new powerhead riddled with gobs of new technology? The scale of evolution is nothing like you’ll see when a manufacturer starts with a blank piece of paper, like they did with the crazy-new Evinrude ETEC G2 outboards.

* subject to domestic use and following the service schedule.

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