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Hot grannies sex hookups

So keep trying to claim gays are jealous of you, you mutilated freak.

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Chicks with dicks, shemales, whatever you want to call 'em. I've never met another gay man in my life who is sexually into them. It was recently revealed that this hot-as-fuck, former Big Brother contestant had been banging this trans woman for over a year (she still has a dick). But I would venture to guess that it is always going to be a fetish for them. Once the novelty wears off the guy will move on to an actual man or woman. This here is the REAL reason why gay men hate trannies so are jealous of them and all the delicious straight alpha male cock that trannies get. He also would have the figure ---no hips, big fake bust, skinny legs---desired by many straight guys. But if we are just talking about drag queens and guys that dress like ladies, that is another story.

I personally think black men have a broader range of feminine qualities they find attractive.

If it weren't for rampant homophobia I think more of them would openly pursue this fetish.

Most females aren't sluts, don't dress like a slut, aren't horny, and aren't beautiful.

Some trans are more beautiful than real women, are horny, are slutty, and dress like sluts, and really want to suck dick, get fucked, and possibly fuck a hole. They prefer implants too and if you are a CD and don't have titties you won't be sucking as much as "Sascha" with the boob job. A little corrective surgery and these gals are pretty real.

But that's just me.[quote]What about Gavin Rossdale, he seemed to love his tyranny and his wife kind of looked like a tyranny. Those people are not dead...still the same human beings. You bullshitters pretend that gay today can mean straight tomorrow, sorry, it does not work that way.

I think he just liked the over the top feminine look? Eddie Murphy had the tyranny murdered the one who talked about his preference, I think we all know that.

For those who don't know what the fuck this topic is about.... I'm sure the pretty/passable ones get a lot of hot dick. Some dudes just get off on dominating another person, and dominating a person that was genetically male is more of an accomplishment than having a woman for them.

If it's all hush, hush and nobody finds out about it, over 90% of straight guys would happily fuck a tranny (even a tranny who still has a dick) as long as she's beautiful and feminine. Black guys get outed for this (Eddie Murphy, Hank Baskett, etc).

As others have noted above he also enjoys the the really slutty expect of it that you don't find with the typical women.