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The man bought her a new cellphone, DSLR camera, handbag and wallet, and paid Eve "a bunch of money" before she flew home the next day. "He was lovely, he was just like this big teddy bear."While money was the drawcard, Eve said the relationship had other benefits.

The site's public relations manager, Brook Urick, attributed the increase to a greater acceptance of "the lifestyle"."Plenty of people are looking for the relationships our site offers, but don't generally voice their desires," she said."[The site] is a place where each person can be honest and open about their intentions and expectations."Like other countries, New Zealand was a buyer's market.

There were 8800 female sugar babies and about 1500 male sugar babies registered here.

"Someone was talking about how much money they got, they were paying off their student loan," she said.

Eve's first sugar daddy arrangement was short-lived, but lucrative.

Urick said most babies were students wanting help with associated costs. Members could report each other using a mechanism on the site."All member complaints are taken seriously and sometimes result in suspension or termination," Urick said.

Ultimately, users were responsible for their own safety.

The pair spent the night in a hotel room after agreeing there would be no sex.