Start Ibanez tube screamer serial number dating

Ibanez tube screamer serial number dating

These pedals are very expensive these days, unless you come across one at a garage sale of course.

The TS-10 can be had for a lot less than a 9, and will sound close enough, if not just as good.

In 2002, Ibanez took over the production from Maxon, and from 2006 onwards, the pedal comes with the JRC4558D op-amp (in the EU market – in the US, the old TA75558P lasted until early 2010).

TS-808 Tube Screamer reissue: This is – save for the value of two resistors and the type of adapter jack – the exact same thing as the reissue TS-9, but in the older style box. Rather than being built with the circuit board design that’s been around since the late 1970’s, this one is built on two combination terminal strips/circuit boards.

Still, there are plenty of them around, so they must be relatively sturdy.