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Reverend Chip Roush, minister at the First Unitarian Church of South Bend Indiana and a former IT professional, incorporated Replika into a recent sermon.

The question is: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

The 2016 election has already brought with it fears we’re all living in social media echo chambers, where we’re surrounding ourselves with like-minded people.

And no, you can’t have sex with it (even if it does want you to think it’s sexy).

Kuyda said she had the idea for Replika after her roommate and best friend Roman was killed crossing the street in San Francisco.

Reading about Kuyda’s experience with Roman, I immediately thought of my friend Hamed.

By pouring all of his singular catchphrases, essays, Facebook comments and posts into the app, what a Replika he would make!

He had a specific way of speaking, with these uniquely clever catchphrases, that my friends and I will forever identify with him.

A few days after he died, Hamed’s sister took down his Facebook page.

I only found out about it when I saw that someone had posted “Rest in Peace” on his Facebook page.

Hamed had a huge Facebook presence that included many photo albums and personal essays he’d written about our shared experiences.

One of my friends was shocked — she said seeing his account get deleted like that was “like losing him all over again.” A recent episode of the bleak British satire “Black Mirror,” which is now streaming on Netflix, illustrates how social media can radically change the way we cope with death.