Start Interracial dating discussion questions

Interracial dating discussion questions

I’ve observed many reasons why people have stopped assuaging people’s feelings and started just defaulting to not fucking with white-partnered Black people, and one of them is the unnecessary defensiveness of a lot of people who have white partners.

It sounds ridiculous when I put this question next to what people actually tend to talk about when they express their personal frustrations around white-partnered Black people, but this is exactly where the question tends to pop up.

It’s as if there is no allowance for people to work out the politics of intimate relationships without being pressed to center whiteness yet again by handing a woke pass and a complimentary 1 invite to the cookout to everyone who gets uncomfortable. ” is the wrong question to ask because it is by its very nature seeking outside approval.

I see the desire to be included in Blackness alongside undisguised anti-Blackness.

And when we’re not careful, they and their racist behavior traipse right into Black spaces with an unhealthy dose of entitlement, ignorance, and the approval of their Black partners.

A loving and respectful partner knows and respects boundaries.

Black space, Black community, and Black conversations all have hard boundaries.

White people who think going to Black events and pushing their way into Black spaces is a good way to learn about our culture.