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Is will smith and duane martin dating

The soundtrack includes such 90s staples as Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman," Will Smith's "Summertime," and Brian Mc Knight's "Never Felt This Way." Hit play on one of your choosing and then check out who was in attendance.

Jada: "You don't have anybody now." Will: "I just broke up with Beyonc" Jada: "Yeah that was a hard breakup." Will: "She was too young," he says. "The real deal is, I'm not the only attractive women in the world." After admitting to her own recent infatuations (Oscar De La Hoya and the Rock), she adds, "My husband just has a true appreciation of women." Will leans across the table to pinch Jada's cheek. "Yeah, we're single--an unfortunate situation," says Jada, rolling with the joke.

"I know what people are about to see, and it'll be difficult to impossible to top it," he says, cracking another ball off to the far reaches of the driving range.

"He's always been a confident person," says Jada, 30.

"I didn't mean that one," says Will, hurriedly dismissing his first attempt. The second try is an improvement, but still not exactly worthy of her love. And though Pinkett Smith enjoys such playful sparring with her husband, she has a quiet intensity, a steely undergirding and a strong desire to see her man be the best he can be. ' I'm his worst critic." "From that day forward she was banned from training," Will says. "I was intrigued by the idea of a man believing in God and not being willing to break any of those rules," says Smith, who added more than 30 pounds of muscle to his 6-foot-2-inch frame for the role.