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Jordan dating amir khan

Dear god ITV Grow a pair, you utter morons.”“Dear Jack Maynard - they kept me in, my love.

Instead of grabbing the key, the 30-year-old accidentally grabbed a snake, pulling it back through the hole before darting for the exit and quitting the task."I can't do it man, I can't do it,” he said, before uttering the words: “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.”Viewers were left shocked at the Bolton man’s behaviour, labelling him a “wimp” and a “baby” on Twitter.“Amir Khan is a boxer and he’s screaming like a little girl at a bushtucker trial,” read one comment.

Another said: “Amir Khan has the potential to be the funniest campmate of all-time.

They were voted by the public to take on Critter-cal Rescue, which involves dark spaces, creepy crawlies and lots of team work.