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Josh duhamel dating history

"The thing I like about this film is, it's got a lot of heart, but it never takes itself too seriously," Duhamel says.

Hollywood, after all, overflows with handsome faces burdened by wooden acting skills.

"And I understand how people are going to perceive me now, but long term, you want to be a good actor. What I'm saying is, I'm not going to rely on taking my shirt off.

It's got to be more; otherwise you're going to have a very short career." Many film actors were first seen on the soaps Josh Duhamel is just the latest in a long line of soap actors who've made the move to the big screen.

When I tried to save my fiancee's life, I fell off the bridge and ended up in the Los Angeles River and here I am," Duhamel says, adding, with a laugh, "that's the short version." Daytime drama functioned for Duhamel as a learn-as-you-earn cram course in film-acting technique.