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We invite you to step back in time with us, as much as 100 years ago, into the Sporting Eagle Saloon, a turn-of-the-century honky-tonk where cowboys gambled, kicked up their heels and drank good old-fashioned frontier rot-gut.

The troops were charged with monitoring the activities of the region's many Indian groups, patrolling Montana's border with Canada, stopping bootleggers and gunrunners and protecting the state's settlers.

In its heyday, nearly 750 officers, enlisted men, and civilians called Assinniboine home.

Here’s how to get your soldier moving faster than a scout on fire.

We all know that the soldiers in TF2 are among the most useful and powerful classes in Team Fortress, but unfortunately they are slow.

Ducking provides additional jumping distance and will make you go further with each jump.

The second aspect of getting the most of your rocket jumps is to do them at the correct angle. Jump too low and you’ll move quickly, but only for a limited amount of time.

Getting additional distance from rocket jumps in TF2.