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Lewis hamilton dating

Later, he arrived to address the media with a glass of champagne.

I stand here now with 4 World Championships and am proof that if you follow your dreams with everything you have, they can come true.

We take every day and today we got the win so we'll enjoy it.

"It's a good fillip to go into the winter and coming back next year even stronger."Vettel's fifth victory of the season means he is nearly guaranteed to finish second to Hamilton in the Drivers' Championship.

And intent on making it a night to remember, the Mercedes superstar boarded a private jet to America — and was joined by his friends and family.

In videos posted on his Instagram story, Hamilton enjoyed his latest F1 world title triumph with his closest friends and family.

'You've carried me through adversity and shared my joy in moments such as these. We are all rising together and I am so excited for what our future brings together.'And Hamilton has already set his sights on winning a fifth world championship after being crowned Britain's most successful motor racing driver ever.

The 32-year-old Englishman finished only ninth in Mexico — the lowest position of his championship-winning season — following a stunning opening-lap collision with Vettel, after which Hamilton asked if his rival had crashed into him on purpose.

But asked if he was ever concerned Hamilton might cause him a problem, Vettel said: "Not really."Obviously I saw him pitting just in front of me [after running a long first stint] so he had to make up that pit stop but it's not the first time this year we have seen a mirrored strategy has some advantages.