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Her wound seeps blood into the pool, the lights flicker, and that creepy monster thing goes in for the kill. She’s convinced that Will is trying to speak to her through the lights.

Jonathan thinks she’s losing it, but Mike’s little sister Holly knows what’s up.

She toddles off to Will’s room when her mother comes over to bring Joyce a casserole.

Mike and the boys have a plan to find Will using Pringles and old weapons from ’Nam.

They head off to school for another bullying session, arranging to meet Elle at the power lines after school.

Elle refuses to mind-kill a cat in Brenner’s lab, so she’s dragged off by burly orderlies. Brenner rushes in to comfort her, picking her up and carrying her limp body down the hall.

Um, why doesn’t she just mind-kill him too and make tracks?

even though it won't come out for another three and a half years.

More pressing, however, is the shit going down in the Hawkins National Laboratory, run by the Department of Energy.

Will tries to call 911, but only gets a staticky hissing noise that sounds like he's called up Mars.

Something or someone is trying to get into the house. After a beep-bop-beep, video gamey opening sequence that makes me think of Christopher Pike and V. Andrews, we return to Hawkins to learn that power surges have been going on all over the place. A young girl with a shaved head and a hospital gown emerges barefoot from the woods.

It’s finally sinking in that something has happened to Barb.