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The update has only rolled out to i OS users so far, but is likely to come to Android in the near future.

Instead, the You Tube clip will appear within a small floating window on your screen.

Comments from hundreds of paedophiles were posted alongside the images, which appeared to have been uploaded by the children themselves, according to an investigation.- You Tube's system for reporting sexualised comments has not been working correctly for more than a year - Up to 100,000 predatory accounts leaving indecent comments on videos have been found- Report identified 28 comments directed at children that were against the site's guidelines - Over a period of several weeks, five of the comments were deleted, but no action was taken against the remaining 23 - BBC contacted the company and provided a full list.

All of the predatory accounts were then deleted within 24 hours One video of a pre-teenage girl in a nightie drew 6.5 million views.

Instead of having to hold your finger down on the Record button for the duration of your audio message, you can now swipe up while recording.