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Lobby chat cam

You will also see a friend list, which you can use to start instant messaging conversations.

By the time you respond to your e-mail alert, the conversant who wishes to talk to you may have lost interest.

Alternatively, there is a configuration option ("Site-wide IM") you can enable that essentially turns your whole website into the chat lobby, so that pop-up windows instantly appear for any new conversation that someone starts with a member (assuming the member is somewhere on the website of course).

Members may be: If a member signs in, or a new message is posted in a conversation, then the browser window may flash (depending on your web browser).

A link to the chat lobby placed on the menus of your website, and when loaded, presents you with a list of all chatrooms you are eligible to enter (i.e.

Existing oc Portal member accounts have been mirrored.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap.

Clicking submit will process the request, and provide you with the logs.

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