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Love mail rulovermaxxidating

Thanks to an innovative technology, no configuration is needed from the moment the e-mail address is added to the database.

Love Your Emails is an intelligent service, meaning that it runs on its own.

The filtering service embedded in the Love Your Emails service runs non-stop to block e-mail related threats and file low-priority e-mails into a specific folder.

The additional fields are: Operating principle Our servers are hosted exclusively in France and communicate directly with your e-mail host to place them in folders that can be accessed using any support to view your e-mails.

E-mails are sorted at the server level so that you are presented with a safe and uncluttered mailbox from any device and from anywhere!

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Are you tired of spending time sorting through your mailbox to keep only the e-mails that matter? Do you wish to stop wasting time unsubscribing from ads for things you never subscribed to in the first place?

After creating your account and protecting your main address, you'll be able to connect to other addresses.