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Mac taylor lindsay monroe dating fanfiction

The show's character work is probably its strongest aspect, with multi-season arcs for several of the characters, particularly Mac, Danny, and Lindsay.

Detective Lindsay Monroe: [to Vivian Claven] You know, bruises age in a very specific pattern. This guy took one of those "I Love New York" t-shirts from the souvenir shop. [Stella laughs] Two days later, I arrested him again in the same store. Sometimes it seems like they hate us, and then, here we got the brass ready to throw us to the lions. [noticing Mac looking gloomy] so I decided just to cut the poor bastard's liver up and make a lovely pate and everybody in the lab just adored it. And we're gonna focus on the old Redbird transit cars. Adam: (showing Mac how to use Second Life) Boss, if you go in-world looking like Joe Boring you're gonna get flagged as a newbie. Every time you thought he was done, he'd find something more to say. I mean, this was not cute or funny or the least bit charming. George Foodim: After hitting a few bars, I went back to Brett's apartment and that's when I found him.

You killed twelve people in two states over the last seventy-two hours, and you want me to feel sorry for you because your daddy didn't kiss you when you were a baby? Flack: 'Shoulda swung by the hospital to meet this guy. It was sincerely intended for anyone else but you, Officer. If you're looking for an architect, I think we might be a little out of your price range. When you were making all those arrests, locking up bad guys, were you imagining a day when you'd be so busy kissing the Chief of Detective's ass you wouldn't remember what it was like to be a cop? [Stella snickers] A shoplifter on 43rd and Eighth Avenue. Peyton: No apparent cause of death and the tox report didn't indicate anything helpful, but I knew something was wrong so... We got tidal currents, rocks and reefs to deal with. And suddenly he wants to hold hands at 10,000 feet. Sheldon Hawkes: In theory, if you built a machine that could travel the speed of light away from here, then slowed down, turned around and flew home just as fast, when you got back, a trip that might have lasted seconds for you, could've been weeks for everybody else. But no, what I mean is Uncle Andy would never finish telling a story.

I would scrimp, I would save, I would mow every last lawn in the neighborhood to get my hands on Sneezing Salts or a hundred-piece Battle Fleet. 'Cause when I go walking down that hallway now, I'm... Bryce Aldicott/Mad Hatter: Look, it’s all kept under the radar.

Danny: Growing up all I wanted to do was play ball.

I'm sure we'd all like to know the name of the officer who understands our frustration. And bottom of the eighth, he finally catches me, right in the head. Before I could even get to the mound, the benches clear, I'm caught in a pile-up. Baseball was over and I was having one of those, ya know, 'what now? But uhh, I guess back then, things were a little easier. Sid: I can tell you I've been working here twenty-nine years. Danny: (voice over after Lindsay told him she was pregnant) See, the truth is I can't really blame her for not saying anything. I was with another woman, but I didn't say anything. Hawkes: So we sit in here waiting for that perfect scientific connection while Colin could be out there raping and killing another innocent victim? I would need them to feel the unrelenting pain that I felt.

But uh, I guess it's just as well, we come from the same species, right? Mac: (to Gillian Whitmore) Inspector, we're both very busy, so simply put, if you tracked me down to ask that I remove myself from the Mac Taylor murder investigation, I'm afraid you're going to endure this mediocre cup of coffee for nothing. I mean, I get a call about an hour ago from somebody telling me that I need to report to this precinct because someone's trying to kill me. [Mac looks away uncomfortably] Sorry, I didn't get your name. Whole day this pitcher is trying to shut me down throwing me inside, throwing me inside. Folks who are going to be looking to me for answers. A couple of months later, we got back together, things haven't really been the same and now this. But there is also so many different safety protocals in place. I mean, not to mention all the training and retraining we have to go through. And more importantly, it could compromise any future criminal prosecution. He forgot our anniversary year after year and tried to make up for it two days later with a... It's neurotoxic and fast-acting, causing near-instant muscle paralysis in humans. Jo Danville: You're absolutely right, Allison, that was a terrible tragedy. God himself couldn't save someone who wanted to hurt my family. I would make them suffer like they had never suffered before.

Lindsay: Weaving together untanned hides to make reins for horses, lassos. Sid: [with the impaled hotel concierge] When I was an intern, they brought in a guy who had fallen off a loading dock onto a container of steel reinforcement rods. Stella Bonasera: [to Mac Taylor] This case is different. I mean I've seen this stuff listed on e Bay before, you know, and most of it isn't real, but if it is short of going to the moon they would have had to steal from NASA. Mac: (upset with an abusive dad) Right now I'd give a year's pay for two minutes alone in this room with you, but since that won't happen, I promise you this. Unless it was, like, the spirit of Imelda Marcos, but I don't even think she's dead. Grave Digger #1: Long ago when several coffins were excavated and scratches were found inside, our ancestors, they realized they’d been burying (snickering) folks before their time. Back then, when the plagues hit, guys like you and me, we couldn't dig fast enough.

I loved your statue it's so beautiful and I loved all the "I love you" messages, and I really meant to call you, I did. Sid: (to Sheldon and Mac about the victim) The rawness of the flesh indicates that she was alive during the beheading, but I, I bet she didn't feel a thing, she was probably unconscious. The highest I've ever registered was 0.23, but that was in celebration of my first divorce, and I fell down a flight of stairs, didn't feel a thing. And I have a vivid memory of that horrible moment when you realize the only way out is a bullet. Detective Mac Taylor: Sometimes you don't know what you're looking for until you find it. [he opens it] Our photographer's prints didn't match the print we found on the vic. And let me tell you something, cocaine from that raid wouldn't last six months on the street. You had to take everything down in your memo book - every detective who was there, who searched the room, who found the drugs. This stuff is illegal to have and somebody went through a lot of trouble to get it. I mean, come on, if this was a real ectoplasm, what's it doing shopping? What do you say we get outta here and go for a walk?

There's a lot of people with worse stories than yours and they never hurt anyone. Danny Messer: [is trapped in a panic room until somebody can get him out] This is getting better and better, and I'm not spending a week in here with a crazy dead guy trying to figure the code, so do me a favour, call a locksmith. I wanna make it very clear that I am not a cop killer. (Lindsay stares at the floor) Don't tell me you don't feel it also. You're the reason I'm out of jail, indirectly, of course. Maybe we do it for the one or two times somebody actually thanks us for finding their son's murderer. Met this guy in an antique store and then bumped into him again at a coffee stand. Yeah, I would endure every one of my brothers' insults at the table for one more taste of that paradise. Sid: [chuckling] Oh, no, there’s no physical resemblance, although he was in freakishly superior shape for an octogenarian. You didn't spend ten years trying to make it up to your mother and your little brother, lying to little Andy about how Will died.

Danny: Her coat is damp, I got caught in the rain last night. Only the makeup on the right side of her face is streaked which means she was lying dead here when the rain began. Sal Bovado: I swear to you, I totally forgot about that gun. This chemistry, like we're into each other, but every time we were in the same room together today it's like... They apprehend a suspect who was wanted in a multiple homicide ten years ago. Clay Dobson: Detective Taylor, I was just about to send you a fruit basket. And my original endearing friend is, uh, squeaky clean. If I could go anywhere back in time, I'd probably go back to my folks' place in Queens for one of my mom's corn beef Wednesdays. Especially since Jenna's dead body shows us that she was in one hell of a fight right before that party. Jimmie Davis: No, I don't imagine that you do, because you didn't lose a brother. You didn't watch your father cry for the first time in your life, watch him crumble to his knees. Something the public doesn't know about its hero cop, but my dead brother knows all too well.

(Sees Sid's facial expression) Do you think Danny calls me Montana because I'm a 49ers fan? Sid Hammerback: [to Hawkes] You ever have a threesome? It's complicated in dealing with different personalities and hey, sometimes you're just not in the mood, if you know what I mean. I'm talking about the hundreds of arrests this cop was involved in, the thugs who are going to be screaming for an appeal because his credibility's in question, and the ones who are going to go free despite the fact they're guilty and he did everything by the book. After a while, the medication didn't do anything for the pain, so one day, he asked me... Stella: Clearly I made the mistake about trying to be your friend here, so I'll be your boss: when you're requested at a crime scene you show up and you do your job. His flock all tested negative for GSR, and they've asked me if they can get back on the good ship Looney Tunes before Sunday, because that's when the world's ending. Morticians would tie a string to the hand of the dead person and take the other end of the string and tie it to a bell, above ground. [suddenly getting in the backseet of the car] You two have been trailing me for the last couple of hours. You see, whoever comes through that door is gonna take a bullet. In India, they're also known as, uh, velvet-bean, cow-itch, but here in the United States, we usually call it itching powder.