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I too requested the financial package information when I was called after submitting information online and was told the interviewer would go over all that because it's curtailed to the individual person's needs/budget.

beware, do not give you a receipt but then they blame you for not taking a receipt.

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The problem with their argument is that I didn't go there for the purpose of buying their service.

I went there only to get some information about their rates to bring home and think about it.

Had the telphone representatie told me that the real name of their company is "two of us" I would have the opportunity to search thewir name on internet and find out about the numerous complaints that exist against them.

4- when I left there, they didn't give me any receipt to take with me, and I was "too warm" to ask for one. Now that I want a refund they blame me for not taking the receipt; they say that I was in a hury to leave; but this is wrong.

I wanted to cancel it within 2 days (December 18th 2009), but hey refused to refund me. they are very manipulative and they use high pressure sale techniques.