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Midwest speed dating

The past A-Camp site was HOURS away from cilvilization.

The key is to find the 85% (odds are in your favor) and avoid the 15%.

And, if you find yourself in a cabin with The Real L Word folks, it can be pretty miserable. The Autostraddle staff are pretty good at creating cabins, but based on what I’ve heard from friends who have been — it happens.

I was super warm and snuggly, but other folks slept in sleeping bags.

Also, when you register you fill out a bio about how outgoing you are, amount of alcohol you drink, sleeping habits, and other fun facts. The camp was fairly wheelchair accessible with paths, but is definitely is what I’d call “wheelchair friendly.” The lodge where evening entertainment didn’t have an elevator or slope that I could see, so I don’t know how that worked for folks with accessibility needs.

I had one friend come back for an “A-Camp Redemption” and we met IRL there, so obviously camp redeemed itself.

When you get a group of people together, they’re going to take their emotional crap to The Mountain.

Upon graduating, I promised myself I’d “go to the next camp,” and had to make good on that promise ~7 months earlier than expected, when Autostraddle announced a surprise fall camp.

[The outfit options for a fall camp are just so much better, ya know?

A-Camp did have a shuttle service for folks (golf carts and vans), which was staffed by some very competent humans.

Some folks come away from camp with a bad taste in their mouths, because of the clique-ish behavior of other campers.

I’m not saying it’s okay, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t call each other out on it (we should), but let’s not pretend that A-Camp can be Queer Utopia**.