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Miley cyrus dating jonas

There is also the theory that it wasn’t really Jackson who died but instead a body double who had a terminal illness.

Needless to say, nothing much came of these crazy claims.

Superstar Michael Jackson’s eccentricity made him a target of multiple conspiracy theories. Some people even came up with bizarre conspiracy theories to explain why he wasn’t actually dead.

Avril, who has struggled with Lyme disease and her much-publicized split from Chad Kroeger, simply laughed off the rumors during an interview in 2014.

She also requested that the rapper pay her $900 billion in child maintenance and another $100 billion for “loss of income” after he allegedly stole a valuable poker chip from her.

When Joan Rivers died in September 2014, it didn’t take long for someone to link the comedienne’s death to Bey.

Supposedly, Rivers’s death was an Illuminati sacrifice ordered by Beyonce.

Beyonce was born in 1981 and turned 33 on the day that Rivers died.