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This decline comes despite a peak in 2013, when the number of runners reached an all-time high of 19 million. Golf Another sport millennials have been blamed for doing away with is golf.

Generation Z, those born between 19, takes it even further, with 97% saying experiences are the most important.

Given stagnant wages and rising house prices, however, who can blame them? Wine corks Millennials love wine but they don’t love uncorking it.

That’s why the generation, which consumes nearly half of all wine in the U.

The extension of our work lives into the home may concern some who are more tied to the traditional 40-hour workweek, but studies show employees in a flexible workplace can be more productive and happier with their careers. Focus groups Americans in their 20s and 30s are too cynical to reveal their hopes, dreams and buying habits to advertisers directly, one marketing officer told digital marketing site Digiday.

This means more companies have to abandon traditional marketing strategies like focus groups and instead rely on social media sourcing and native advertising.

And, no, Market Watch isn’t exactly innocent when it comes to blaming millennials for some of these trends. The 9 to 5 work week Millennials are demanding more flexibility in their jobs, and now nearly 40% of U. workers can work from home at least one day a week, according to a 2016 study.

They also don’t unplug at 5 p.m., with 68% saying they check work emails from home.

In fact, it is estimated that if such apathy continues, golf as we know it could disappear in 52 years. Soap bars Young people are over the soap bar — not because they are a dirty generation, but because they prefer liquid soap, a study from consumer-research firm Mintel found. Not where teenagers and people in their early 20s are concerned.