Start Mobile adult chatting

Mobile adult chatting

View and block adult websites and apps that promote harmful behavior.

Also, set simple tasks and get notified once they are done with the Kidgy Daily Schedule.

Kidgy parental control software acts within the strategies of international institutions like UNICEF which advocates for creating a safe online environment for kids.

When you buy things online always read the small print! If you are taking photos or film of your mates and want to put them online, always check with them first – it’s part of being a good digizen (digital citizen). Once a picture is posted online it can be copied, changed and distributed without your knowledge.

If you have problems with a premium rate number tell your parents to look at this website to find out what you can do about it. Only upload and exchange photos that you would be happy for everyone to see.

Kidgy was developed by digital parents to make a modern parenthood simpler and enjoyable.

Designed as a digital assistant, this parental control application allows to supervise your kid’s online activity remotely.

Have you checked their Facebook to find selfies that could harm their reputation? Restrict social media usage during school or sleep hours.

Prevent your kid’s from contacts with online predators who hide behind teenage profiles. Educate Do you want to check on their home assignments remotely? Has some gap in route history but only when it comes to 3 months and earlier.

Find out the IMEI number of your phone by pressing *#06# You could spend a lot without realising it.

All premium rate numbers start with 09…calls and message to these numbers can cost from 10p to a whopping £1.50 for every minute or message you send plus your network charges.

Or simply want to improve their school performance? With Kidgy you will know once they finish that book or complete their homework. Had to try 4 other parental control apps before buying this one.