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Although the term may not be familiar, you'd probably recognize a reasonable accommodation if you saw one.

In a world where every disability or disease seems to have its own sweaty fundraising event, these phrases sound perfectly normal to us. Google "autism walk cure" and you'll get nearly 2.8 million results.

But I think that some of the money they raise could be put to better use.

Male roosts and hibernation sites typically have a northerly aspect.

Creating roosts in buildings The advice below describes general principles to consider when providing new roost spaces for bats.

The materials should also have suitable thermal properties that reduce 24 hour fluctuations but allow maximum thermal gain for summer roosts.

With allergies and odor sensitivities on the rise and affecting millions of Americans, employers are increasingly confronted with the challenge of accommodating such conditions in the workplace.

It does not provide sufficient information for mitigation when a roost is already present.

Work on existing roosts should be covered by a Natural England EPS licence.

Mother bats gather together and find somewhere warm to rear their young called a maternity roost.

Males will form smaller roosts elsewhere that are often cooler than the needs of the females.

Hibernation roosts are often a cool space with high humidity.