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"The first half I just cruised and then about two-thirds of the way through I a bit of sugar and stuff and went like a freight train.

The site has been intensely studied and over 700 plant types are now documented.

This includes 590 flowering plants, 49 ferns and over 100 species of the lesser plants such as mosses, liverworts, lichens etc.

He swam sub-three hours off Sydney's Chinamans Beach which is what he aimed for.

"It was just a circuit around the headlands dodging a few sharks, a few shark sightings, but all in all it was pretty good," Chapman said.

Psilotum Nudum, evolutionary the world's most primitive plant, is common.

Two recently discovered species of trees are found nowhere else, and the area in general is unique in that numerous species find the limit of their distribution, be it in northern or southern, on Mount Coolum.

Long before the appearance of Europeans, the Aborigines were also obviously affected by its aesthetic appeal; its image of solidity; its stark, isolated bulk; almost every story, myth or legend of these parts involves Mount Coolum in some way.

We trust that you, too, will become involved with Mount Coolum, and take a little bit of it away in your memory a symbol of a happy and enjoyable stay.

Ariana went along to talk to some of the participants. The world Naked Bike Ride is coming to Brisbane on the 9th March.

Due to a police order it ended up being an "almost nude" bike ride. Danna Interviews Dario, about the ride and what people can expect.

By way of comparison, there are only 1400 species in all of Great Britain.