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Up until 1968 it is rare for the engine and frame number to be identical and where the frame is shared by several models the codes start with the smallest model e.g.

1972 classic mini harvest gold Body & interior fully refurbished, m.o.t. Uprated engine(998 cc,twin su carb's, mani flow exhaust.

* Class 4 so no problems with MOT as it is the same as a car test, expires feb 2018 happy to re-test .....

The list was compiled painstakingly by the club's Librarian Steven Foden.

The quality of the presentations and the relevance to me has been immense.

The structure of this forum is probably the best I've been to in all of my career.

The opportunity to meet numerous people is given through the speed networking and of course the one-to-one meetings that we can book in advance. I think that because of the way the forum is structured, that momentum keeps going and it keeps your interest all day long.

The 1969 models are identified by the adding of an extra 0 at the end of the frame marking putting the number series into the 100,000's.